The Walk Free Anti-Slavery movement joins the HRAS initiative


it is with great pleasure that the HRAS team can announce today the engagement with the Walk Free anti-slavery movement and which comprises over 6.5 million members worldwide and growing daily. 

About Walk Free

Slavery is illegal in every country, yet millions are enslaved by vicious criminals, archaic traditions and brutal greed. As news media uncover shocking stories of modern day slavery, more and more people are waking up to the need to take action.The reasons why slavery still exists are complex. In many countries the fight against slavery is not a priority. In some countries, existing laws are not being enforced. In some countries, certain forms of slavery are so common that they are almost considered normal.

We are determined to change this. Walk Free’s goal is to be the generation that ends modern slavery.

There are many groups around the world working on the front line against slavery. Walk Free aims to amplify and extend their efforts. By gathering a global membership, using social networks and new technologies, and organising campaigns and communities online and on the ground, we can make the fight against slavery a real priority across the world. Slavery has no place in the modern world. Together, we can build a world without it. A world where it is unthinkable to be treated like someone else’s property. A world where those who steal other people’s freedoms are brought to justice. A world where everyone can walk free.

You can learn more about Walk Free here.



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