MARSAFENET – Training School “Maritime Security and Safety from Theory to Practice” Procida, Naples (Italy) 01 – 04 July 2014



Host Institute: University of Naples “L’Orientale”

Organizers: Prof. Giuseppe Cataldi (University of Naples “L’Orientale”, President of AssidMer), Dr. Gemma Andreone (ISGI-CNR, Marsafenet Chair), Dr. Marco Fasciglione (ISGI-CNR, Marsafenet MC member), Dr. Valentina Rossi (ISGI-CNR, Marsafenet MC member) Dr. Giorgia Bevilacqua (ISGI- CNR).

Duration: 4 days
Trainees: 12 minimum – 30 maximum (5 participants will be reimbursed by the Cost Action

Scientific Rationale

The Procida Training School aims at bringing together early stage researchers, senior researchers, experts from public institutions and from the private sector, as well as other stakeholders dealing with maritime safety and security issues. The main objective of the training school is to analyse and review new and emerging areas of maritime safety and security and to provide trainees with theoretical and practical instruments.

The programme of activities will be divided in two main areas of training.
1) The first training module will focus on governance mechanisms and international tools dealing with problematic security issues in the maritime field such as piracy, use of force at sea, immigration and border control.
2) The second training module will focus on governance mechanisms and international tools dealing with protection of the marine environment, conservation of marine living resources, the governance regimes of fragile seas with particular reference to Arctic, Antarctic and Mediterranean regions.

Each training session will consist of lectures in the morning and an analysis of specific case studies in the afternoon.


The training school venue will be the University of Naples “L’Orientale” Post-graduate School at the “Conservatorio delle Orfane”, Terra Murata, Procida (Naples), Italy.

Lectures and case studies will be held by academics, professionals and representatives of international, European and domestic institutions dealing with maritime governance issues.


Lectures are conceived for an audience of experts such as practitioners and researchers who want to address maritime safety and security issues. Applications will be evaluated by the Summer School organizers. As far as researchers are concerned, preference will be given to Early Stage Researchers, that is anyone who is a post-doctoral researcher within 8 years of receiving their PhD. Early Stage Researchers (ESR intended as PhD title plus < 8 years).


Enrolment fee amounts to Euro 600,00. Those who are interested in participating to only one of the two training modules may opt for a smaller subscription by paying Euro 350,00. The enrolment fee covers: coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, accommodation and certificate of attendance.

MARSAFENET COST Action will grant 5 scholarships (for the attendance to both modules of the training school) in the amount of Euro 800,00 to be awarded, according to Cost rules (in order to be eligible applicants must be from a country participating in the MARSAFENET Action) on a competitive basis, awarding meritorious CVs, from among those applicants who make a specific request in the application form.

At the conclusion of the Training School all participants will be awarded a diploma.


Applicants must send an email including a brief curriculum vitae in PDF by 15 April 2014 to the following email address: Please insert in the subject area “Procida Training School”.
Acceptance notifications will be sent out on 30th April, 2014.

Payment of the enrolment fee as the final step for registration process is 20 May, 2014. The payment must be made to the following bank account of the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”:
Centro Tesorerie Enti Pubblici di Napoli, Via Forno Vecchio, 36, Napoli,

IBAN IT 53 G010 1003 5931 0000 0301499. C/C num. 0000 0301499 CAB 5931 ABI 1003 Bic: IBSPITNA

Please enter the following reference: “Name Surname, fee for Marsafenet TS” in the subject area.

Program and useful information

The program will be issued as soon as possible and posted on the Marsafenet web page:



MARSAFENET – the acronym for NETwork of experts on the legal aspects of MARitime SAFEty and security – aims to bring together experts in international law of the sea in order to increase the knowledge on maritime security and safety and to develop a common conceptual and methodological framework with the goal of contributing to fill the legal gaps and of transforming scientific results into feasible solutions. This Cost Action will take an in-depth look at current urgent maritime matters focusing on four main issues, shipping and marine environmental protection, new developments of economic activities at sea, maritime international security and border surveillance and, finally, protection of fragile and semi enclosed seas.


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