The Freedom Fund joins HRAS as a Supporting Entity

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HRAS is delighted to announce that The Freedom Fund, through its CEO, Nick Grono, has joined the initiate and is providing over support to the drive for raising the profile of human rights in the maritime environment.

The Freedom Fund is a new philanthropic initiative designed to bring much-needed financial resources and strategic focus to the fight against modern-day slavery. Our mission is to bring about a measurable reduction in modern day slavery by the year 2020.

The Fund is founded on the premise that current philanthropic and programmatic efforts in the anti-slavery space are fragmented. Individual actors are often working in isolation and missing the opportunity to create scalable and lasting change. Consequently, the Freedom Fund’s founding partners, some of the world’s most innovative philanthropic organisations, have come together to create the first ever global, integrated, anti-slavery donor fund.

Further details can be found HERE

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