HRAS welcomes Finance Against Trafficking (FAT) as a Supporting Entity to the HRAS initiative

HRAS is delighted to welcome Finance Against Trafficking (FAT) to the HRAS international initiative and looks forward too working closely together, developing on-line anti-trafficking tools, measures and advice in relation to the maritime environment.


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People trafficking is the fastest growing crime around the world today.¹

One person is sold every 30 seconds.

For businesses, whatever service is provided or trade offered, product sold or money invested, all are at some potential risk – financial and reputational – of being touched by the traffickers’ trade.

There is great and easy profit to be made from selling a human being; the product is adaptable, widely available, controllable and transportable. Unlike selling an illegal bullet or illegal drug, a people trafficker can sell a person many times, in diverse ways over a long period of time with huge potential for scaling up.

People trafficking is about one thing: Money.

The profit of people trafficking was last counted in excess of US$150 billion in 2014, flowing through systems above and below ground.² People trafficking involves supply chains and money flows which involve complex connections across the world.

To prevent this crime the trafficking routes must be disrupted by making the business community aware of the crime so that legitimate businesses become high risk and low profit to people traffickers.

Finance Against Trafficking is working to raise awareness, equip and resource companies to help them effectively address all areas of their business that can be affected by people trafficking and manage the risk and threats to their supply chain, money services, reputational risk and prosecution.

Finance Against Trafficking is run by business for business, made up of volunteers from a variety of business sectors offering their time and services pro bono.

Finance Against Trafficking will continue to lead innovative preventative work across the business community. We are keen to raise awareness and provide a means and motivation to change business practices in order to disrupt the systems that sustain and facilitate the traffickers’ trade.

Good business and making money must never be at the cost of the profiting from the sale of a human being.

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