HRAS welcomes Guardian Maritime as a Supporting Entity to the HRAS international initiative

HRAS is delighted to announce the engagement with Guardian Maritime, as one of the latest Supporting Entities to come onboard with the HRAS international initiative.

Twitter: @Guardian_Ship


Guardian Maritime Limited is owned and run by husband and wife team David and Teresa Stevens, who are based in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, England.

GUARDIAN_2701922bIt is a UK registered company developing and installing vessel protection systems against maritime piracy and hijack, with GUARDIAN™ being our core product.

GUARDIAN™ was the brainchild of Teresa. She realised that, rather than focusing their efforts on trying to remove pirates from ships, the key was to make it impossible for them to get on board in the first place.

In product testing, the Royal Marines tried to board a ship protected with GUARDIAN™ anti-piracy barriers and, after two hours, they gave up and the design was declared a success.

The system is currently protecting some of the world’s biggest fleets including CMA-CGM, Maersk, BW Tankers as well as being used to protect offshore rigs and drilling ships.

Download the Guardian brochure HERE



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