Pacific Dialogue joins HRAS as the 34th international Supporting Entity

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It is with great pleasure that HRAS welcomes Pacific Dialogue from Suva, Fiji to the Human Rights at Sea international initiative as the 34th Supporting Entity.

The HRAS team will be working closely with Pacific Dialogue to further develop and strengthen respective links and profile examples of human rights abuses at sea.



Pacific Dialogue was founded in December 2009 by a group of civil society activists whose long experience of working in the fields of security, faith, justice and peace gave them a unique insight into the challenges faced by Fiji.


PROGRAMMES: Human Trafficking

The recent history of political instability in Fiji has severely affected the capacity of key State institutions to protect human rights and uphold the rule of law in the country. Disruption, corruption and under-resourcing in key law enforcement agencies have seriously impeded the legal process and the provision of justice.

This situation has created an environment in which Human Trafficking (HT) has been able to flourish. The presence of HT represents a flagrant abuse of human rights which causes irreversible physical and psychological damage to vulnerable groups of society. Its growth is likely to lead to the break-down of family and community structures, and the entrenchment of organised crime in Fiji. Combating HT is therefore critical to the maintenance of law and order in the country.

Our Human Trafficking programme is comprised of a series of technical workshops with the Judiciary, government departments and law enforcement agencies in Fiji which provide participants with hands-on experience of apprehending HT crimes through a series of interactive case studies and mock trials.

The programme has been designed to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies to identify, prosecute and prevent cases of human trafficking in Fiji. It is hoped that the workshops will also assist the creation of new anti-trafficking partnerships and initiatives between CSOs, religious groups, government and law-enforcement bodies in the country


1. To provide technical support and training of law enforcement officers and the Judiciary in victim-centred investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases

2. To assist in the training of law-enforcement officers and relevant government institutions (such as Social Welfare) on victim identification and protection
3. To build cooperative efforts between NGOs, religious groups, government and law-enforcement bodies in Fiji
4. To raise public awareness of the nature and impact of human trafficking in the Fiji Islands
Target Groups:
(i) Government departments, law enforcement agencies and civil society organisations.

(ii) Vulnerable groups and victims of human trafficking in Fiji



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