HRAS obtains first translation of crew comments during murder of seafarers in international waters

HRAS has kindly been provided with verified translations of crew comments made over mobile phone footage during the YouTube video showing the murder of seafarers in international waters. The footage has been reviewed by specialist translators working for the EAP Research and Information Centre, Voice of America and is reproduced with the permission of Mr. Steve Herman Voice of America Bureau Chief and correspondent based in Bangkok.

Please note that this is the first set of verified translations received by HRAS and may not be complete at the time of posting. 

There does not appear to be any Thai being spoken.



2:39-2:55: 1, 2… 1,2,3… 4 thằng đó… 3… 1 này, 2 này, thằng bên kia nữa… 3… thằng này là 4 này

(1,2 …. 1,2,3… 4 guys …3… one, two, over there … third one … this one is the 4th)

3:35: một thằng nữa là 5 (one more … five guys)

7:41: Ðuổi, đuổi kịp liền (Run after it, catch it right away)

10:00: Xích lại gần gần để quay (Come closer, so we can film…)


Chinese part of the video in Mandarin.

One sentence in Cantonese.

2:20 拍一下, 拍一下!

Camera, Camera! !

7:49 在哪兒?在哪兒?

Where, where?

7:55 沒有看到哇!

I can’t see!

7:57 在…那一個

That one … over there

8:01 他漂過來了!

He’s floating over!

8:14 (粵語)快D行啦!

(Cantonese) Hurry up!

8:17 Hello! Hi!

8:32 前面走!快到前面走!拍一下!前面走!拍!

To the front! Hurry to the front! Camera! To the front! Camera!

9:00 拍一下!拍一下!拍一下!

Camera! Camera! Camera!


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