HRAS welcomes New Zealand Government’s first charges for human trafficking


Three Indian males living in New Zealand have been arrested and two charged in relation to people trafficking in what is the first such incidence of an apparent crack-down by New Zealand authorities into such illegal activities.

HRAS-NZ-Indian_defendents_traffickingPhoto Credit: ALDEN WILLIAMS/FAIRFAX NZ

The defendants have been charged under the Crimes Act 1961 for arranging by deception the entry of 18 Indian nationals into New Zealand. Trafficking in persons is punishable under the Crimes Act with imprisonment for up to 20 years, a fine of $500,000 or both.

HRAS Founder, David Hammond, said: “HRAS welcomes the New Zealand Government’s pro-active and decisive action in this matter and it will watch the case closely as it sets the conditions for necessary legal precedent in an area of unlawful activity that perpetuates human suffering and the abuse of basic human rights.”


FAT logoColleen Theron, Director of Finance against Trafficking (FAT) ‘”The increase in human trafficking on a global scale can not be ignored. Without the support of governments, communities and business to tackle the issues coherently the problem will only grow. This is a welcome step. When risk becomes higher than reward we will hopefully see changes.

Finance Against Trafficking (FAT), the British NGO works with business to help them identify the risk of human trafficking in their supply chain .Their online tool ChainChecker is devised to help organisations identify areas of vulnerability”.


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