Book: Fishers and Plunderers – the exploitation of fish and fishers.

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“Fishers and Plunderers”

Fisher & Plunders Book picture front cover

In Fishers and Plunderers, Alastair Couper, Hance D. Smith and Bruno Ciceri focus on the exploitation of fish and fishers alike in a global industry driven by profits, with little consideration given to either resource conservation or human rights. With vast over provision of vessels and shortages of fish, labour costs are targeted and young men are trafficked from poor areas onto vessels in virtual slavery. The resultant poverty and debt bonding pushes many towards trafficking drugs and piracy – although the criminality linked to the industry extends far beyond the level of the individual, vessel or fleet.

The book provides evidence of these crimes and injustices, with the authors arguing for regulations which if implemented could protect the rights of fishers across the board. In doing so, the authors shed a much needed light on a largely hidden world. Those wishing to better the lives of fishers both at sea and ashore will find it to be a persuasive and essential guide.

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