New Zealand anti-slavery campaigner receives award

Daren coulston picture

“Mr. Daren Coulston has dedicated years to fighting slavery in the New Zealand fishing industry – the majority of this work has been without financial compensation or recognition. He has given a voice to foreign migrant crew to curtail the abuses and claim their rightful entitlements. This is despite the emotional and financial hardships Daren, his wife Linda and their three children have endured; to make New Zealand and indeed the world a better place for thousands of exploited migrant workers. His dogged perseverance and unwavering determination to end exploitative labour practices in the New Zealand fishing industry has led him to do extraordinary things against all odds. Thus, he is more than deserving of a Kiwibank Local Hero Award having demonstrated excellence in the field of human rights”.

Daren Coulston works with Human Rights at Sea and the New Zealand NGO, Slave Free Seas fighting slavery at sea. HRAS Founder David Hammond said: “I have known of Daren’s work for nearly a year now and his dedication is impressive, working tirelessly for seafarers and fishermen who do not otherwise have a voice. Daren’s hard-hitting investigations and close working relationship with other NGOs is what ultimately exposes human rights and labour rights abuses at sea and which would otherwise go unreported. Daren is to be congratulated on this well-deserved award.”

With Mayoress Ying Foon

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