The Fishermen’s Mission joins Human Rights at Sea as a Supporting Entity expanding the HRAS message into the fishing community

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The Fishermen’s Mission has joined the Human Rights at Sea initiative as the latest Supporting Entity and partner in advancing human rights provisions and awareness on behalf of both the UK fishing industry and world-wide where able.

HRAS Founder, David Hammond said: “The support of the UK fishing community through The Fishermen’s Mission means that Human Rights at Sea is now able to reach even more seafarers who work in often difficult conditions at sea, in order to promote awareness of human rights provisions and expand the debate of explicit provisions for seafarers, including fishermen, subject to abuses of human rights at sea.”

The Fishermen’s Mission Chief Executive, Commodore David Dickens CBE RN said that: “While The Fishermen’s Mission has a UK fishing focus, there is more than enough synergy between parts of the UK fishing industry and HRAS for all seafarers to demand that we take a global view  of such matters. In this, we are totally supportive of the HRAS initiative”.

About The Fishermen’s Mission

The Fishermen’s Mission is the only fishermen’s charity that provides emergency support alongside practical, financial, spiritual and emotional care. We help all fishermen, active or retired, and their families. We do this by:

  • Offering immediate assistance, day or night, to the families of fishermen who have been killed or seriously injured
  • Looking after the survivors of fishing boat accidents· Helping injured or ill fishermen to find medical help· Finding emergency housing and food if necessary
  • Supporting fishermen’s families in the case of illness, distress or financial difficulties·
  • Alleviating loneliness by visiting retired fishermen and their families at home or in hospital
  • Offering welfare and support to overseas fishermen, working in the UK fishing industry, especially those who have to live onboard boats· Providing Christian pastoral and practical help, including problems with debt, sickness, bereavement, family difficulties, debt and addiction problems.


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