Carnival 2020 Sustainability Goals welcomed by Human Rights at Sea

Human Rights at Sea welcomes the statement by Carnival within their declared 2020 Sustainability Goals that human rights will be a priority alongside labour rights and other focal areas. 

Carnival_Imagination 16x9Photo accredited: MAREX

“Sustainable Workforce and Community Goals

Continue to build a sustainable diverse workforce

The company continues to build a diverse and inclusive workforce. Its goal is to provide all employees with a positive work environment and opportunities to build a rewarding career to further drive employee engagement.

Continue to develop sustainable supply chain and vendor code of conduct compliance

Carnival Corporation continues to develop and implement vendor assurance procedures ensuring compliance with the company’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics. This includes the areas of labor and human rights, environmental protection, business integrity and health, safety and security.”

Human Rights at Sea CEO, David Hammond, said: “The increasing explicit referral to human rights provisions and protections within the maritime environment is precisely what we, as a charity, seek to develop within all sections of the maritime supply chain; be it shipping, fishing or the cruise industries. This announcement by the Carnival Corporation is a positive step in the right direction and is welcomed.”

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