Pacific Dialogue’s Human Trafficking Awareness – Crew conditions on fishing vessels

Pacific Dialogue Fiji LogoPacific Dialogue’s Human Trafficking Awareness 2013-15

Pacific Dialogue is supported by Human Rights at Sea and acts as a partner and Supporting Entity in the Pacific Islands.

Pacific Dialogue engages in human trafficking awareness because we care for human rights, and the act of human trafficking takes away people’s human rights. Our awareness raising work has included:

Presentation at the Pacific Tuna Forum, September 2015. Dr Patricia Kailola, acting CEO of Pacific Dialogue, presented a discussion paper on the human rights of crew on fishing vessels in the Pacific Islands region.

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Crew conditions on fishing vessels in the Pacific Islands region Discussion paper – Dr Patricia J. Kailola


My purpose in inviting a discussion on crew conditions in the Pacific Islands comes from three directions. One path is fisheries and environment, another is job security and food supply, a third is human rights. Thus, the content of this paper is arranged under those three ‘directions’, each with a passable level of information.

The link between the three is clear. Participants may judge them as reasonable or unreasonable but they are aimed at the survival and achievement of the fishery which future depends on the resource, access to markets, and the vessel crews.



Pacific Dialogue is an innovative and experienced NGO working in the fields of human rights and conflict resolution.

With a vision of a just, peaceful and democratic Fiji, Pacific Dialogue develops and delivers projects that promote dialogue and education on the issues of democracy and governance, traditional leadership, empowering youth and human trafficking.

Pacific Dialogue was founded in December 2009 by a group of civil society activists whose long experience of working in the fields of security, faith, justice and peace gave them a unique insight into the challenges faced by Fiji.

A not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, Pacific Dialogue is governed by a board of directors, with a team of staff and volunteers based in its offices in Suva.

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