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How to install the eyeWitness app - ARABICHuman Rights at Sea
is pleased to announce that the latest explanatory infographics detailing how the eyeWitness App for collecting picture and video evidence at sea can be downloaded and installed. It is now available in six languages: English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic. These can be downloaded from the Human Rights at Sea website’s eyeWitness at Sea page.

Human Rights at Sea is working alongside the International Bar Association based in London and their eyeWitness to atrocities team in order to continue to build international awareness of the new smartphone app that can be simply used to gather evidence of abuses not just on land, but at sea throughout the maritime environment.

Launched on 7 Dec 2015, the partnership aims to expand the number of downloads of the app and develop its use throughout the maritime industries especially where previously there has been an absence in the ability to record abuses occurring at sea.

The eyeWitness to Atrocities app is a unique tool in the fight against human rights atrocities and abuses. It is an easy-to-use camera app that collects and embeds, in the images taken by a user, GPS coordinates, date and time, device sensor data and surrounding objects such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. The collection of this metadata provides verification and context and is encrypted and securely stored within the app together with the images. The user may then upload the footage directly to a secure storage facility, hosted by LexisNexis and maintained solely by the eyeWitness organisation. In doing so, a chain of custody record verifies that the footage has not been edited or digitally manipulated. Thus, the images attain a level of authentication that allows for their use in investigations or trials.

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eyeWitness will be featured at the 2016 International Maritime Human Rights Conference to be held in London on 14 September 2016. Conference details can be found HERE.



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