Press Release: Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’


Launch of new migrant film trailer ‘The Dead Sea’

The Dead Sea Poster

UK. 27 April 2016. Human Rights at Sea is delighted to be able to support the release of the new trailer for the forthcoming short film, ‘The Dead Sea‘, exploring the abuses suffered, privations and humanitarian issues for migrants travelling to Europe from North Africa. Often harrowing and touching on subjects of abuse, torture and sexual violence set against a background of impunity from justice, the trailer gives the viewer a taste of the forthcoming film.

Writer and Director, Stuart Gatt of 6th International Films  said: “The Dead Sea deals with a very current and horrifying reality that faces thousands of refugees on a daily basis. The principle of Non-Refoulement, which forbids a victim being returned to their persecutor, is being treated as a remedial course of action for refugees trying to reach Europe from Libya, as affirmed by a recent statement from David Cameron. We put the audience amongst a group of refugees who have suffered the same fate and are subsequently exposed to the horrors of a Libyan Detention Centre.”

Producers Tabitha Breese and Kate Glover both provided further  insight into the film with Tabitha commenting “Recreating a Libyan detention centre in a community space in Brixton was no mean feat, but the joint effort from the art, lighting, camera and sound departments transformed the space. It was important to us to draw attention to an aspect of the refugee crisis so often overlooked by mainstream media.”

Kate Glover said: “In the current climate of media over saturation it is easy to forget about the individual stories, we wanted to make the film ‘The Dead Sea’ to help humanise the refugee crisis and ensure people understood the variety of reasons why we need to help refugees rather than judge and criticise them.”

CEO Human Rights at Sea, David Hammond, said: “From the moment the producers contacted us and showed us their concept we were convinced to support this young and talented team in producing a short film that is both highly topical and yet tragic at the same time. We  look forward to the release of the full-length film and which we would urge people to watch in due course.”



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