The HRAS Interview: Giorgia Linardi – Mediterranean Migrants

Mediterranean Migrants: Becoming Part of the System

Giorgia Linardi
Photo Credit: Federica Mameli

At sea, rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean, 25-year-old Giorgia Linardi met a woman that reminder of her mother. Like her mother, the woman was a doctor, a specialist; their ages were similar. But, unlike her mother, this woman had lost her family, her home, had no phone to call her brother in Germany, and so was prostituting herself for $5 a time, as she tried to raise the money to buy herself a spot on a rubber boat to Europe.

Human Rights at Sea spoke to Giorgia, a volunteer legal advisor with the rescue NGO, Sea-Watch, about the plight of the people on those boats and the razor-sharp dilemma of would-be rescuers.



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