UK Anti-Slavery Day 18 October 2016



In the UK on the 18th October it is Anti-Slavery Day.

Anti-Slavery Day was created to raise awareness of modern slavery and to inspire government, business and individuals to eliminate it.

Anti-Slavery Day was created in 2010 by a Private Members Bill introduced by Anthony Steen CBE, then MP for Totnes. Since then it has grown significantly and each year more and more charities, individuals, local authorities and police forces take action to mark Anti-Slavery Day.


The UK spends millions each year to provide housing and support to victims of modern day slavery 3 during a so-called 45 day “National Referral Mechanism (NRM) recovery and reflection” period – the period when the Home Office makes a decision on whether a person is trafficked or not.

After that decision, Home Office support ends.

It is an irony that this abrupt removal of support so often coincides with the time when a victim is nally formally recognised by the authorities as having been enslaved.

But what happens to victims of traf cking on ‘Day 46’ or when this support ends?

Jess Phillips MP, Vice- Chair of the APPG on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery has described the report as a ‘damning indictment of our failure to protect victims of trafficking’.

Read the new Human Trafficking Foundation report: ‘Day 46’.

For more information go to:

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