HRAS publication briefed to UN Human Rights Council Intergovernmental Working Group

Dr. Anna Petrig, Researcher, University of Basel, Switzerland and Non-Executive Board adviser to Human Rights at Sea, has submitted her perspectives on “Regulating PMSCs at Sea: Operational and Legal Specificities” to the United Nations Human Rights Council Intergovernmental Working Group on Private Military and Security Companies 5th Session, in Geneva, 12‐16 December 2016.

Dr. Petrig co-wrote the Human Rights at Sea publication for ‘Deprivation of Liberty at Sea’ with the CEO of the charity, David Hammond, with legal research undertaken by Elisabeth Mavropoulou LLM. It was peer-reviewed and submitted through the EU-funded ‘MARSAFENET‘ or “Network of experts on the legal aspects of maritime safety and security”. The publication was a first of its kind in terms of addressing the issue of temporarily depriving an individual of their liberty at sea for the commission or suspected commission of a criminal act. The publication formed part of her UN submission.

To download the UN Submission see HERE 

To download the Deprivation of Liberty at Sea document see HERE

4 June 2015: Original Press release for launch of Deprivation of Liberty at Sea document is HERE 







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