Abandonment: MV Liberty Prrudencia crew abandoned Zhoushan, China


“We are asking for our hard earned wages but they are not considering our wages payment and not following MLC conventions”

In yet another case of alleged abandonment, the 19 Indian crew of the Hong Kong flagged MV Liberty Prrudencia (IMO 9250141) continue to remain isolated in Zhoushan in China after the owner allegedly became bankrupt.

The crew have reached out to multiple agencies, including the owner, management, the Indian Consulate, international welfare organisations and the ITF, but still there has been no resolution for their outstanding wages owed since November 2016, with the effects of the non-payment reaching back to India and affecting the crew’s families. It is reported to Human Rights at Sea that some crew who signed off in July 2016 are still waiting on their wages.


Human Rights at Sea has received the following details:

“Good day sir,

We are the crew of Liberty Prrudencia we reached china in November but from mid December we are facing the problems. Since then in this intense cold weather there is no provision for heating in the accommodation. All crew are living in their freezing cabins. There is also no hot water supply on board, we are using a heating rod to warm the water so that crew can get hot water from there. Picture is also attached with the mail. We are using this water from December 16. The crew is getting sick due to cold weather and skin problems. We are managing this even without wages up to 22nd Jan 17. After 23rd Jan 17 our potential to work without wages in this weather and tough life is finished. Crew is still doing the work for the safety of ship and for survival. We don’t understand what else the owner expect from us even he is not paying us.

Even the Chinese yard watchkeeper for generator are feeling cold, and looking for warm spaces. We all requests you to please consider our serious situation. All we need is our hard earned wages to be cleared and signoff as soon as possible. Because working in these conditions, without wages is not acceptable and not safe.

Thanking you. Regards

Crew Liberty Prrudencia”

Conditions onboard are deteriorating, no heating, poor water supplies, and yet the crew remain to service the vessel as if the leave the vessel, they will not receive any wages. this is their last resort.

Human Rights at Sea has compiled significant evidence of seafarer neglect and breaches of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006. It will file a comprehensive report shortly and meantime, is attempting to engage with authorities on the crew’s behalf.

More to follow


UPDATE: 25/02/17 1700hrs GMT

Human Rights at Sea has received 15 crew statements, which are being reviewed.
The owner and technical mangers dispute the facts and the abandonment of the vessel.
Important Note: Human Rights at Sea will make every reasonable effort to verify facts and evidence presented to the charity. Human Rights at Sea reserves the absolute right to add, update or remove any facts or evidence presented that does not stand up to reasonable corroboration or scrutiny. The charity retains the absolute discretion as to what it publishes, in order to provide objective opinion and assessment of allegations of abuses at sea. All parties have the right of reply.

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