[Updated] New Educational Film Series: An introduction to Human Rights


Immediate – 28 July 2017


[Updated 31 Jul 17] Human Rights at Sea is pleased to announce the release of the first film in a new educational series titled: “An Introduction to Human Rights”.

The short animated film is a first for the charity as it continues its on-going public advocacy in highlighting the explicit need to openly and transparently discuss the full range of human rights issues applicable in the maritime environment.

Developed through partnerships with Bristol University Human Rights Implementation Centre and Marlins, V.Group’s training business, the aim of the short animation films will be to bring a new angle and style to public awareness surrounding human rights abuses at sea that often occur out of sight and out of mind, and the protections to which everyone is entitled to under established national and international law.

Callum Fleming, multimedia developer at Marlins, says: “This can be a complex and emotional topic and we wanted to create a contemporary, engaging video that would help all seafarers, regardless of their nationality, understand what their human rights are. We are proud to have been selected to support Human Rights at Sea in this campaign and work has now begun on the second video.”

Dr. Sofia Galani of Bristol University commented that: “Bristol Law students and I have great pleasure in contributing to the background research of the charity’s educational films. The new features are a testament of the charity’s commitment to educating seafarers about their human rights and raising awareness about the importance of safeguarding those rights at sea”.

David Hammond, CEO, Human Rights at Sea, commented: “The charity continues to innovate, advocate and lead on the explicit issue of human rights in the maritime environment. This new film series will fully explore all aspects of our work through close academic and industry partnerships to ensure balanced representation of the issues exposed.”

The charity has now established a new and free area on its website for the downloading of free educational materials here.

Human Rights at Sea believes in making all of its materials freely available to everyone. Should an organisation or individual wish to sponsor a future film, or series of films, please contact: enquiries@humanrightsatsea.org



Human Rights at Sea is an independent maritime human rights charity registered in England and Wales established for the benefit of the international community for matters concerning explicit engagement with human rights issues in the maritime environment. Its Mission is to explicitly raise awareness, implementation and accountability of human rights provisions throughout the maritime environment, especially where they are currently absent, ignored or being abused. www.humanrightsatsea.org

The University of Bristol’s Human Rights Implementation Centre is a leading institution for the implementation of human rights, that works in collaboration with a number of organisations and bodies, including those in the United Nations, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Council of Europe, governments, and organisations at the national level. The Centre works with a range of institutions to create a better understanding of how the implementation of human rights can be strengthened globally. http://www.bristol.ac.uk/law/research/centres-themes/hric/

Marlins, a V.Group business, is the leading brand in training solutions for the shipping industry. Working closely with industry partners, Marlins provides high quality, cost-effective training courses and assessment products, which comply with the rigorous standards required by the shipping and offshore industries. www.marlins.co.uk

V.Group is the leading global marine and offshore vessel management and support services provider, with 3,000 personnel based across 70 offices globally, supporting over 40,000 personnel in marine and offshore roles. www.vgrouplimited.com

For further information:

David Hammond | CEO | Human Rights at Sea | Langstone Technology Park | Langstone Road | Havant | PO9 1SA |UK




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