HRAS Intern graduates with a Distinction from Université catholique de Louvain

Human Rights at Sea is very pleased to report that our first Erasmus+ intern, Mélanie Glodkiewicz, has successfully graduated in International Relations from the Université catholique de Louvain with a top-level Distinction based on her human rights and humanitarian work.

Reporting from the university highlighted that Mélanie’s internship with the charity was viewed as being contributory to her award of the highest level of Distinction; an important reward for her dedication to her assignments both with the charity in the UK, but also for her work in the field having taken a direct part in the rescue of migrants and refugees in the central Mediterranean Sea in 2016.

Mélanie commented: “My internship at Human Rights at Sea allowed me to build an impartial and analytical view on the ongoing humanitarian migration crisis as I had the opportunity to engage with involved stakeholders, thanks to whom I have improved my academic skills and today, was rewarded with a Distinction.”

Mélanie’s Master thesis built on her foundation of a thorough academic, theoretical and practical understanding of the humanitarian migration crisis in which she has been actively involved. Her work has also been judged by the university as being worthy of being published.

Mélanie focussed her research on the subject of gender and migration and how more specifically, the EU’s border management and security policies are influencing the vulnerability of women who migrate to Europe through illegal channels.

Mélanie further commented: “This is also an important reward for the Charity, as it has proven that by giving the right tools to the interns they can achieve significant steps in both their personal and professional development. By giving them the opportunity to learn and giving them enough space to express their creativity, the interns continue to develop innovative projects that can effectively lead to the improvement of the application of human right at sea”.

CEO, David Hammond, said: “Mélanie’s achievement is very significant for her personally, and for the charity as it develops its Internship programme. It is testimony to her tenacity that she has achieved the highest level of academic award for her efforts, much of which was frontline at sea in small RIBs undertaking dangerous rescues both during the day and at night in all conditions.”

Mélanie has been further awarded an Erasmus+ Ambassadorship for her work over the last 12 months and is now a humanitarian advisor to the Charity.



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