Northern Ireland Fisheries Non-EEA crew anti-slavery & trafficking report


26 October 2017

 Northern Ireland Fisheries Non-EEA Crew anti-slavery & trafficking report issued

Human Rights at Sea, today publicly issues its independent project report and a fishing industry response into the non-EEA crew issue in Northern Ireland, and which has been linked to the on-going investigations and drive to highlight the issue of slavery and trafficking across all UK industry sectors.

Globally, there is significant evidence in the public domain that slavery and trafficking occur in the fishing industry world-wide.

In relation to the UK fishing industry, recent inaugural research commissioned by Anglo North Irish Fisheries Producer Organisation (ANIFPO) and carried out by Human Rights at Sea through its consultancy company, found that there was little to no evidence of slavery and trafficking in the Northern Ireland fishing industry at first instance.

The significance of this independent research is that this is the first time in the UK that a fisheries Producer’s Organisation (PO) voluntarily requested a complete review of its work relating to the employment of Non-EEA crews, against the current background of anti-slavery and trafficking investigations by UK constabulary forces.

The facts show that in the case of ANIFPO, there is significant care and attention paid to the PO’s corporate social responsibility policies and mechanisms in the employment of their Non-EEA crews, and it highlights a new level of transparency by a core member of the UK fishing industry.

Alan McCulla OBE, CEO, Sea-Source/ANIFPO Ltd, Kilkeel, Northern Ireland commented that:

“The recruitment of experienced and qualified non-EEA fishermen is critical to the fishing industry in Northern Ireland.  The welfare of all our crew is of paramount importance to the Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation (ANIFPO).  With all of this in mind we have been very fortunate indeed to work with Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) to ensure compliance with statutory regulations, as well as extending practical help when needed. HRAS is a highly professional charity, one that has not only been unafraid to challenge us, but guide us through the process of drafting our Transparency in the Supply Chain Statement”





ANIFPO is committed to promoting sustainable fishing methods and is involved in a variety of projects including the Sea Fish Industry Authority’s Responsible Fishing Scheme.

Our 3 objectives

  1. To manage fish quotas with our members in order to maximise sustainable fishing opportunities
  2. To increase the value of our members catches through our fish selling division and by promoting improved quality control procedures by our members
  3. To represent the views and opinions of our members at local, national and European level on a wide range of issues

Contact: Anglo North Irish FPO Ltd
The Harbour, Kilkeel, Northern Ireland BT34 4AX
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