Human Rights at Sea intern Hajar Hejazi publishes on the Sanchi collision incident in Iranian Press

IRAN. Iran-based Human Rights at Sea intern, Hajar Hejasi, has published an article in Farsi by invitation in the Iranian newspaper Sore Israfil  on the Sanchi Collision incident.

Sanchi Collision – photo provided by China Daily

In her article in Farsi, Hajar presents an account of the most important highlights of the incident, the response from the Chinese maritime authorities and the whole management of the crisis, with a focus on the loss of 32 people. It seeks to provide a broad overview of China’s response to the incident. It also discusses the international law framework and the relevant international conventions applicable to the loss of life at sea and the preservation of the environment as well as aspects of the Chinese maritime law.


The article available only in Farsi can be DOWNLOADED HERE




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