Greenpeace East Asia report documents human rights abuses in Taiwan's international fishing fleet

Press Release

London. UK. New evidence released today links human rights abuses to Taiwan’s international fishing fleet, including major seafood trader Fong Chun Formosa Fishery Company (FCF). This has serious implications for its global supply chains, and exposes the ongoing failure of the Taiwan government’s approach to address human trafficking and labor abuse.
In the Greenpeace East Asia report, Misery at Sea, investigators from Taiwan and New Zealand found five members of the convicted human trafficking ring, Giant Ocean, living openly in Taiwan. Despite being considered fugitives, at least some of the individual members continue to be involved in the recruitment of migrant workers–predominantly from South East Asia–for Taiwanese fishing vessels, with the full knowledge and negligence of Taiwanese authorities, the report claims.
Misery at Sea analyzes Taiwan’s low-cost business model and chronic flaws in legal and regulatory framework, which helps create an environment where cases of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, human rights violations, and labor abuse are all too common.
Human Rights at Sea stresses the importance of exposing such allegations in the global supply chain as well as within Taiwanese fishing fleets, but also calls for the end of all such human rights and labor abuse practices.
Read the full report Misery at Sea of Greenpeace East Asia here.

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