HRAS Case Study Seafarers’ Abandonment on Kish Island, Iran

Press Release

Tuesday 17 July 2018

London.UK. Human Rights at Sea has published a case study that sheds light into alleged labour abusive practices and seafarers’ abandonment on Kish Island, in Iran. With evidence supplied by seafarers themselves, seventeen seafarers were allegedly left to face destitution on the island of Kish by their respective shipping companies, with outstanding salaries of almost two years and their identification papers confiscated. The allegations include crew members having food-poisoning, limited access to clean water and denial of medical treatments.

Human Rights at Sea is concerned over such alleged labour abusive practices being reported to the organisation. If Kish island in Iran is being used by shipowners to abandon seafarers so that they circumvent their legal obligations owed to them under their employment contract while they are in the process of recruiting new ones, then such practices must be highlighted and come to an end. The shipping industry must come together and explicitly condemn such practices. This pattern of alleged abuse may well constitute a violation of fundamental human rights.

Download and read the case study here.


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