Call to Action to Maltese Authorities to allow disembarkation of 40 migrants stranded onboard offshore supply vessel

Press Release

Thursday 20 July 2018

London.UK. Six days ago, a boat carrying 40 people in distress, including two pregnant women, who sought asylum and protection in Europe had entered the Maltese Search and Rescue (SAR) zone. The migrant boat was denied entry into Malta.  The fact that the migrant boat had reached Malta SAR zone is documented and was confirmed by MRCC Tunis and the crew of the Sarost V, the merchant vessel that ultimately conducted the rescue operation, according to WatchTheMed reports.

Sarost V that carried out the search and rescue operation is a Tunisian flagged offshore supply ship. After the rescue, the Maltese authorities subsequently denied disembarkation in Malta and thereby forced the Sarost V to seek temporary shelter for the people on an oil platform at sea. Since then, the people are in limbo on the Sarost V, an offshore oil platform denied access to asylum.

Human Rights at Sea calls the Maltese authorities to undertake responsibility  and allow disembarkation of the migrants to Malta so those who are need of international protection can apply for it.



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