Year Four Timeline of Delivery Infographic Published



London. UK. Human Rights at Sea is pleased to publish its Year Four Timeline of Delivery infographic demonstrating the key highlights of its work in its fourth year between May 2017 – May 2018.

The Timeline highlights just some of the most important deliverables for the charity to the international community and maritime sector through its focus on seafaring, fishing, migrants and refugees, and business and human rights work that it undertakes as an independent maritime human rights organisation.

With five public case studies and investigations, six publications and three films delivered, as well as the production of a variety of advocacy materials distributed through regular press releases and social media posts on pertinent maritime issues, the charity has continued to move forward in its fourth year of operation.

Chair of Trustees, Fiona Laurence, said: “The charity has seen year-on-year growth and development in its work, its funding and engagement with the stakeholders who both benefit and are put on notice of the work undertaken by our charity. Our successes in this last reporting period are not insignificant, and despite the retirement of David Hammond as CEO to become a trustee, the pace of our delivery has not slowed down as we continue to espouse the maritime human rights message.”

HRAS Year 4 Timeline of Delivery 2017/18 Report

The 4-page booklet for the Year 4 Timeline of Delivery highlighting key delivery and impact of the charity’s work between May 2017 – May 2018.

HRAS Year 4 Timeline of Delivery 2017/18 Single Page

A summary of impact and delivery highlighting key achievements from Human Rights at Sea for Year 4 (May 2017 – May 2018).


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