Indian Seafarer Abandonment discussed at SAFETY4SEA London Conference

Press Release

1st April 2019

London.UK. The first SAFETY4SEA London conference was held at the Hellenic Centre with speaker support from Human Rights at Sea.

The charity covered the issue of Indian seafarer abandonment, including an update from the charity’s recent invitation to Mumbai to speak at the Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) ‘Human Rights at Sea’ conference, and subsequent field investigations with abandoned seafarer’s families which have led to three new case studies from the family perspective.

Further, the trend of what the charity is calling the ‘Second Abandonment‘ of seafarer’s families by other family members due to the original abandonment causing financial hardships which spread throughout the supporting family network causing a ripple effect of debt and strained relationships, was introduced and highlighted.

With a broad range of industry subject areas from ‘Smart Shipping, Cyber and Physical security’, to the ‘Human Element & Risk Management’, ‘Lessons to be learned’, ‘Environmental Challenges’ and ‘ 2020 fuel Options’, both the speakers and agenda were diverse and the topics well-represented.

Founder and trustee, David Hammond, discussed the improving profile of the concept of the wider umbrella of ‘human rights at sea’, the challenges being faced concerning increased global awareness of legal and moral obligations, rights and responsibilities; and the challenges faced by the charity in gathering evidence. He also noted the recent and positive upsurge in industry and commercial engagement with the charity and its pro bono work for business and human rights.

The event organized by SAFETY4SEA was sponsored by: Diaplous Maritime Services, Hellenic War Risks, Hudson Analytix, Inmarsat, Kongsberg Digital – Maritime Simulation, NAPA, RIGHTSHIP (Carbon Offset Sponsor), RISK4SEA, SQE MARINE, T&T Salvage.

It was supported by: All About Shipping, Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain, INTERCARGO, Seafarers UK, Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee, Human Rights At Sea (HRAS), International Windship Association (IWSA), Green Award Foundation, International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) and Sailors’ Society.

Read the SAFETY4SEA Press Release.


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