Case filed against Greece in Strasbourg Court over Criminalising Search and Rescue

Press Release

 April 23rd  2019

London.UK. Not-for-profit organisation Team Humanity’s founder Salam Aldeen through the representation of the Global Legal Action Network, have decided to take the Greek government to the Strasbourg Court, to held them accountable for the legal ordeal they have put Salam Aldeen and his crew through since 14th January 2016, when the greek authorities falsely accused him of attempted migrant smuggling. 

The intention of the application according to the GLAN Press Release is to lead to a change of policy in Europe, so Member States, including Greece, discontinue their criminalisation of search and rescue activities and terminate their crackdown on civil-society organisations and human rights defenders assisting boat migrants.

Human Rights at Sea fully supports this effort to bring a change to the trend of criminalisation of solidarity and humanitarian search and rescue which remains a binding duty under international law.

Read the full press release of GLAN here.



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