India. Forum for Integrated National Security Seminar ‘Human Rights at Sea’ report published

Press Release

23 May 2019

London. UK. / Mumbai. India. With permission, Human Rights at Sea publishes the final report and recommendations of the 2019 Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) seminar on ‘Human Rights at Sea’ held at The Leela Hotel, Mumbai on 28 February 2019.

The report details the current discussion, issues and concerns of Indian stakeholders in terms of law, policy and protections for human rights in the maritime space. It highlights the State-level considerations from the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Shipping (Feb 19), as well as detailing the consequences of failure to address human rights abuses across the Indian maritime supply chain as one of the founding flag States of the IMO.

India: Human Rights at Sea Forum for Integrated National Security 2019 Seminar Final Report

Mumbai. India. 28 February 2019. Human Rights at Sea Seminar final report by the influential Indian think-tank, ‘Forum for Integrated National Security” (FINS). The first global State-level public discussion on the topic and consequences for ‘human rights at sea’.


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