Taiwanese Executive Yuan expresses support for Human Rights at Sea

Press Release

4 November 2019

London. UK. / Taipei. Taiwan. On invitation, Human Rights at Sea met with the Taiwanese Executive Yuan during several rounds of wider meetings last week in the capital Taipei concerning the work of the charity in Asia and the development of the soft-law Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea.

Meeting with Minister Lo, his staff and supported by human-trafficking advisor Mina Chiang, CEO David Hammond outlined the challenges faced in terms of human rights abuses at sea in the fisheries sector.

Mutual discussion about the issues highlighted in the latest Human Rights at Sea baseline report issued on 18 October ‘Awareness and Application of Human Rights in Taiwan’s Fishing Industry’ were throughly explored. The report has been received by the Taiwanese Government with a response expected to the charity’s findings.

Development of the emerging work on the Geneva Declaration with State engagement was reviewed and detailed discussions about its potential effect in support of the likes of adoption of the ILO 188 Working in Fishing Convention featured as a key topic.

David Hammond commented that: “It is clear that the Taiwanese Government is taking the issue of fishers’ welfare seriously and is working to develop better protections through policy and legislative steps which will tested as they come into force. It is also clear that the adoption of ILO 188 is the next logical step.”

From the Executive Yuan, Minister Lo commended the excellent research and recommendations done by the charity, and reaffirmed the Taiwan’s commitment to safeguard human rights at sea.


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