Concern for missing Second Officer from Singapore flagged THALASSA PATRIS IMO 9665607

Press Release

9th December 2019

London. UK. Human Rights at Sea has been contacted by the UMTUF Union, Odessa, Ukraine requesting support to the family of Ukrainian missing seafarer Second Officer Maslov Vladyslav on the Singapore flagged vessel THALASSA PATRIS by highlighting the case.

Available details to date state that the Second Officer was lost apparently overboard in the Indian ocean. Relatives are trying to find out what has happened to him.

Publicly available facts state that the 24-year old Vladislav Maslov boarded the ship in Singapore on Nov 18, the ship left Singapore on Nov 19, according to Mediterranean Services 2(MD2) schedule, ETA Suez Dec 2. Relatives have not been able to contact him since Nov 22, he was declared missing at around 2000 UTC Nov 22, when the ship was sailing in Indian Ocean East of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The company contacted relatives at around 0800 UTC Nov 23.

According to seaman’s sister Eugenia, the ship kept sailing and did not interrupt the voyage, further it was alleged that there was no SAR activities to locate the officer.

In contradiction, it is alleged that according to ship’s track, THALASSA PATRIS turned back at around 0700 UTC Nov 23, sailed back to a position where most probably the officer went overboard, and searched the area from 1830 UTC Nov 23 until circa 0130 UTC Nov 24, resuming sailing at 0144 UTC at a reduced speed and moving in legs for some 8 hours, reflecting that the vessel was engaged in SAR. The vessel is reported as resuming its voyage at around 1115 UTC Nov 24.

Human Rights at Sea reserves its position in relation to the facts as further details emerge and will maintain a watch on the case and the information passed to the charity.

Vessel Details

THALASSA PATRIS via Marine Traffic

Container ship THALASSA PATRIS, IMO 9665607, Singapore flagged, ship manager ENESEL PTE LTD Singapore (EQUASIS), deployed on Line Mediterranean Services 2(MD2) between Far East-Mediterranean. 


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