HRAS Introduces The Mekong Club’s EndSlavery Web App

Press Release

Friday 20 March 2020

London.UK.  Human Rights at Sea is very pleased to support The Mekong Club’s efforts to continue to address the problems, deprivations and abuses which arise from modern slavery in supply chains, through their new App.

Modern Slavery is a serious issue. There are over 40 million modern slaves in the world today, more than at any other time in history.  Despite this huge number of victims, last year the world helped only 78,000 out of modern slavery, which is less than 0.2%.

Every day, victims across the world ask the question “why is nobody helping us?” With limited resources and limited people available to respond to this immense human rights problem, there is an urgent need to enlist more individuals in the fight against modern slavery.

Imagine if 10 million people collectively took 10 million small compassionate actions. This would quickly add up and result in real impact for the millions of people in modern slavery today. Please join us in taking collective action to help end modern slavery in our lifetime.

The Mekong club needs your help.  Go to and access this web-based app (best viewed on a mobile phone). Take a look at the list of activities and start taking action to combat modern slavery. You can pick from a range of options, from reading about the issue, to getting creative and raising awareness, to reporting suspicious behaviour. With each action you take, you add to the collective response to help fight this problem. You will also be awarded “care points” for each action to help you measure your contribution.

How does EndSlavery app work?

There are five easy steps:

Step One:  Access the EndSlavery website on your mobile phone by visiting

Step Two: Sign up to be an anti-slavery responder.

Step Three: Review the “Take Action” toolbar menu and begin. There are dozens of actions that people across the world can do to join the fight. They range from watching a film on the topic to reporting a crime.

Step Four: For each action taken, you will be given “Care Points” to monitor your progress. 50 Care Points significantly contribute to helping a person in modern slavery.

Step Five: Share your progress with family and friends, encourage others to get involved.

To access the EndSlavery tool click here.

To see the youtube video click here.



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