Joanne Rawley joins the Human Rights at Sea Advisory Board

Press Release

18 January 2021

London. UK. Human Rights at Sea is pleased to announce that Joanne Rawley has joined the charity’s Board of Advisors to assist the charity in its work, strategic development and wider industry engagement. The current Board is a strong example of a diverse and wide-ranging panel of subject matter experts with a wealth of experience able to assist the charity deal with the breadth of issues encountered in the maritime sector.

Joanne has previously sailed as Chief Officer within the maritime industry and having spent 2020 on secondment to the QHSE department as Designated Person Ashore & Company Security Officer, she will soon be returning to multi-role vessels in the North Sea in order to gain her Master Mariner Certificate.

Awarded the MN Medal for Meritorious Service in 2020, Joanne is committed to supporting and raising awareness of mental health and seafarer wellbeing. She is also passionately involved in diversity groups and mentoring schemes within the industry as well as local causes assisting homeless and veterans.

Prior to commencing her Merchant Navy career Joanne served with the Royal Air Force in Logistics, completed her BSc Hons degree with the Open University and Scuba dived extensively in Scottish waters and abroad.

Joanne commented: “In 2020 where our lifestyles are almost unrecognisable from those lived 30 years ago, it is frustrating that a charity such as Human Right at Sea needs to exist. In a world where technology has enabled us to be so connected and globally updated every minute of every day, their work is still largely unheard of, or worse, is ignored. Instead of standing on the sidelines watching, David and the rest of the Team make a difference. I’m therefore rolling up my sleeves and jumping in with both feet.”

CEO, David Hammond said: “Joanne’s experience, reputation and credibility in the maritime sector is magnified by her infectious enthusiasm to assist the development of our human rights work. On behalf of the Trustees, we warmly welcome Joanne to our small, but dynamic organisation.”

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