The Guardian covers HRAS Investigation into Kiribati Observer Death at Sea

Press Release

21 June 2021

London. UK. The untimely and yet unexplained death in March 2020 of Kiribati Fisheries Observer Eritara Aati Kaierua while at sea on the Taiwanese-flagged vessel the WIN FAR 636 has been highlighted in the international press by The Guardian, including reference to the recently published Human Rights at Sea investigation report which took 12 months to compile.

The Guardian’s article “Death at sea: the fisheries inspectors who never came home” is part of the The Guardian’s Pacific Plunder series of articles uncovering uncomfortable truths about exploitation in the region.

The case also featured in the charity’s extensive 2020 coverage of the issue with multiple reports and survey on topic, and which is now part of a new HRAS Programme for Global Protection of Fisheries Observers.

Download Case Review & Timeline of Events
Independent Case Review of death of Kiribati fisheries observer Eritara Aati Kaierua. 19 May 2021.

Download the follow-on independent case review and report into the conduct of the investigation of Kiribati fisheries observer, Eritara Aati Kaierua, who died at sea in March 2020 while fishing in waters in the Naura Economic Exclusion Zone including family impact statement, detailed timeline of events to date and independent legal counsel’s intervention letter.

Timeline of Events in case of death of Kiribati fisheries observer Eritara Aati Kaierua. 19 May 21.

Download the Timeline of Events collated into the circumstances surrounding, and subsequent events to the death of Kiribati fisheries observer Eritara Aati Kaierua. Correct at the time of publication.

Download previous reporting into fisheries observer deaths at sea
Fisheries Observer Deaths at Sea, Human Rights and the Role and Responsibilities of Fisheries Organisations – Optimised

Download the optimised version of the 1 July HRAS report (8 MB)


About Human Rights at Sea

Human Rights at Sea is a UK-based charitable NGO established in 2014 whose vision is to end human rights abuse at sea.



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