Yrhen Bernard S. Balinis

I am Yrhen Bernard S. Balinis, a navigator by profession and a journalist by heart.

With the goal of advancing the maritime industry onwards, I decided to be an active member of renowned professional bodies: The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN), The Nautical Institute (NI), and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST). I am also serving as an Education and Training Committee member of Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA).

I am a regular columnist for RIN’s Navigation News writing for their Younger Members’ Group. Additionally, I am the author of numerous articles published in various international maritime-related journals including NI’s Seaways,Safety4Sea’s special column, Seafarer Stories, and Marino World Magazine.

Moreover, I have delivered several speaking engagements for international audiences. NI President Ms. Jillian Carson-Jackson invited me as a guest speaker for Maritime Matters. Safebridge, for their fourth Seafarers’ Point of View webinar, also gave me the opportunity to talk about my experiences and how I see “Shipping as a new comer in the field”.

Professionally speaking, I served as a deck cadet on board M/V Genesis (IMO No. 9632947) for two consecutive contracts wherein I earned recommendations of promotion for third officer from my captain. In the midst of the global pandemic and the crew change crisis, I am blessed to embark as an ordinary seaman in what I call the most supportive vessel I have been with, M/V Gwen (IMO No. 9402067). I may be an ordinary seaman but I have extraordinary goals; goals which my captain, officers, and fellow crewmates support. They motivated, understood and cheered me and all of my extracurricular projects while tolerating my continuous learning progress.

I completed my baccalaureate degree in marine transportation with Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation of Legazpi City (Albay) Inc. in 2020. During my college days I was an active campus journalist representing the school in various regional and national press conference contests. I also served as the associate editor of Mariners’ Collegian, the school’s official student publication. Upon graduation, I was the recipient of the Bronze Anchor Award (the award equivalent to higher academic distinction) and the Proficiencies in Navigation and Seamanship awards.

Living in this world for 22 years, I know that I have yet so much to explore and discover— and with God’s providence may I be prepared for the things I’ve been praying for. But with the things that I have achieved with my littlest time here in M/V Earth, I dedicate it most for my sibling, Joella Marie; my parents, Maria Martha Bernadette, and Joel; my maternal grandparents: Henry and Bernardita; my maternal aunties: Ma. Henrietta, Henrybie, and Miriam Jonah (+); my cousins: Yrhen Josuah, Nicole Hariette, Nathaniel Harry, and Robie Marie; my uncles: Noli, Romeo, Emmanuel; and to all the people, who in one way, or another, have helped me in my journey of sailing onwards a stronger maritime industry!

And we are just beginning. I am now preparing for my licensure examination as an officer in charge of navigational watch.

Yrhen Bernard S. Balinis, MRIN, AMNI, SIMarEST


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