Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson
Assistant Professor Sustainable Seafood, Heriot-Watt University

Dr Andrew F Johnson is Assistant Professor of sustainable seafood in the Marine Sustainability, Policy and Conservation Evidence (MarineSPACE) group at the Lyell centre, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. Andrew is also CEO of MarFishEco Fisheries Consultants Ltd, a consulting firm that provides objective advice to fisheries enterprises, NGOs and governments. Having worked in fisheries for over 17 years, Andrew has seen first-hand how a drive towards sustainable fisheries needs to take into account more than just the environmental impacts of fisheries practices. His experience spans 18 countries in both industrial and small-scale fisheries.  Andrew’s written works include authorship in over 40 peer-review articles as well as the UN’s new World Ocean Assessment, the FAO’s Illuminating Hidden Harvests and the IPBES assessment. Andrew is excited to bring his fisheries expertise and business knowledge to HRAS and looks forward to contributing to the important work of the HRAS team.