HRAS supports EU Commissioners call for human rights protections in the Mediterrenean Sea

London. UK. HRAS Commentary. Early last week, the Office of Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, published 'A distress call for human rights', a comprehensive follow-up to the 2019 recommendations drafted in 'Lives saved. Rights protected. Bridging the protection gap for refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean'. Human Rights at Sea has reviewed and today, highlights its recommendations in support.

The Right to Life: Italy found by UN in violation of the right to life of Migrants at Sea

the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC), the treaty body responsible for the monitoring of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, found Italy in violation of its obligations under the Covenant in particular in violation of the right to life as provided in Article 6 of the ICCPR read alone, and in conjunction with Article 2 (3), in the context of Search and Rescue (SAR) operations of migrants at sea. According to the HRC, Italy delayed and failed to actively provide rescue to 200 migrants on the high seas.

Migrants and Refugees at Sea: 2020 Review

London.UK. 2020 was a challenging and introspective year for many, largely characterised by the COVID-19 global coronavirus pandemic; not only a crisis of public health, but also a secondary crisis of social, economic and political security resulting from the emergency measures taken by local, national and regional authorities.

English Channel Migrant Movement and Human Rights at Sea

People move.  Migration has always been a feature of the human condition and it will always be so. We cannot stop it and efforts to stem it will, in the long run, prove futile. Global population has ballooned in recent years and travel from region to region has increased. More and more people are on the move. Their motives for leaving their homes and seeking lives elsewhere are numerous, but two in particular are relevant to the ‘crisis’ that has developed in recent weeks in the English Channel.

Human Rights at Sea signs the Open letter to Secretary-General of IMO requesting the revocation of Libya’s SAR zone

Press Release Immediate  Thursday 2 July 2020 LONDON.UK. Human Rights at Sea has today signed the Open Letter to the IMO Secretary General Mr Kitack Lim prepared  by the civil liberties organisation Statewatch which was delivered on 29 June 2020 signed by hundreds of individuals and organisations.  The letter openly calls on the  Secretary-General  to revoke the Libyan...

OP-ED: Sea-Watch Captain freed. A victory for humanitarian rescue at sea.

OP-ED 5 July 2019 Photo credit: Reuters Geneva, Switzerland. Captain Carola Rackete has now been freed, but the European political controversy continues. The judicial decision delivered a much needed victory for both common-sense and humanitarian acts of rescue at sea, thereby setting a precedent to be reflected on for all vessel Captains and policy makers alike....

HRAS publishes Briefing Note on Criminalisation of Civil Society SAR Activities in the Mediterranean

Press Release 26th February 2019 London. UK.  Human Rights at Sea has published a new Briefing Note on the ‘Legal and Policy Matters Arising from the Increased Criminalisation of the Civil Society Search and Rescue Activities in the Mediterranean’. This is the second publication on the issue of the increasing levels of criminalisation of civil society...

Updated commentary on flagging issue of Aquarius SAR vessel

COMMENTARY Thursday 6 December 2018 Geneva. Update to 3 December Press Release on flagging of the Aquarius  Switzerland. The country of Henry Dunant, father of humanitarian principles, has responded to a popular request and parliamentary motion to allow the Aquarius, Search and Rescue (SAR) vessel of SOS Méditerranée and Médecins sans Frontières, to sail under...

Human Rights at Sea - Investigation

HRAS Commentary on the ongoing central mediterranean situation

HRAS Commentary Monday 9 July 2018   “We could have done something,” – Taking the conscious political decision of leaving persons to drown or suffer from abuse London.UK. Corpses are discovered on Northern African shores, over 600 persons are now missing and feared dead because they embarked on the journey of the deadliest crossing in the...

Legal action before the ECtHR against Italy over its coordination of Libyan Coast Guard pull-backs resulting in migrant deaths and abuse

Press Release 8 May 2018 London. Italy’s collaboration with Libya to stop migrants and asylum seekers reaching Europe is facing a legal challenge over allegations that it has led to grave human rights violations against those crossing the Mediterranean, including torture and slavery. Seventeen survivors of a fatal incident in which a boat carrying migrants found...

Court of Cassation Rome decides against the release of SAR vessel IUVENTA of Jugend Rettet E.V.

Press Release  27 APRIL 2018 London. Human Rights at Sea is closely watching the ongoing situation in the central Mediterranean route, and is deeply concerned with the restrictive asylum policies of the European Union and the general securitisation and criminalisation of search and rescue at sea. What we are witnessing is push backs operations of asylum...

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