Education, empathy and mutual support. A Master’s experience addressing COVID-19 Social Exclusion

"I have decided that I will use all the knowledge and wisdom that my profession has given me to help people around me now,  while my fellow Seafarer friends work non-stop at sea ensuring the supply chain for survival of mankind keeps running uninterrupted." London. UK. / New Delhi India. Following the recent Human Rights at Sea article covering the topic of a Master's social exclusion on return home in India following sign-off, and the emerging COVID-19 pandemic concerns, the charity is pleased to positively report how the Master has approached the issue with his family and neighbours by using available facts, education and empathetic support to address their legitimate concerns.

COVID-19: Social Exclusion for Returning Seafarers strains Family Relationships

"Little did I know that the excitement of going home finally after 6.5 months would turn into a nightmare after I landed." London. UK. Over the last 72 hours, Human Rights at Sea has been deluged with Indian seafarers getting in contact with the charitable NGO outlining the challenges they are facing during the current COVID-19 crisis. This now includes emerging issues relating to unexpected social exclusion when some seafarers return home.

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