Insight Briefing Note: Slavery at Sea and Emperors of the Deep

London. UK. / New York. USA. Human Rights at Sea today publishes the latest in its series of Insight Briefing Notes looking at the work by US-based film-maker, author and ocean conservationist William McKeever into the issues of slavery at sea, working conditions, the need for fisheries observers, and the effects on the shark fishing and shark fin trade.

Pacific Fisheries Abuses: Testimony of Fijian Fishing Widows, Mother and Sister

Press Release 24th July 2019 “He was stabbed with a knife below his heart by a Chinese crewman.” London. UK. In partnership with Fijian-based NGO, Pacific Dialogue, Human Rights at Sea publishes the fifth case study in the current series exposing the consequences and challenges for families of seafarers who have suffered and died as a...

Fishermen’s Welfare and Human Rights Report for Ascension Island EEZ Published

PRESS RELEASE 13 December 2018 LONDON. UK.  Human rights at Sea today publishes a commissioned report undertaken by the charity’s not-for-profit trading consultancy Human Rights at Sea International Ltd, which is a comparative independent assessment of the potential risks to the welfare and human rights of fishermen operating within the Ascension Island Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)...

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