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Welcome to eyeWitness and its application in the Maritime Environment

Human Rights at Sea in Partnership with the International Bar Association & the eyeWitness Project brings a new tool in the fight to bring perpetrators of human rights abuses to justice.

eyeWitness was designed for recording human rights atrocities but the concept has now been adapted to do the same at sea.


Briefing Notes

India Research: Koli Fishing Community Mumbai Human Rights Baseline Study – July 2019

The aim of the Mumbai focused research is to start to build a series of objective and comparative global studies that can be used for local, national and international referencing in respect of more constructively raising awareness of human rights provisions, protections and effective remedies under the main principle that ‘human rights apply at sea, as they do on land’.

Human Rights and International Solidarity Special Rapporteur Briefing Note – August 2019

Human rights are universal, they apply at sea as they do on land. But effective protection of human rights at sea outside the territorial waters of States is impossible without international solidarity and recognition of the extra-territorial responsibility of States for human rights on the world’s oceans. 

UAE Legal and Policy Developments for Seafarers Briefing Note in Arabic – August 2019

UAE Government Legal & Policy Position Supporting Maritime Protections for Seafarers. An independent briefing note in Arabic.

UAE Legal and Policy Developments for Seafarers Briefing Note in English – August 2019

UAE Government Legal & Policy Position Supporting Maritime Protections for Seafarers. An independent briefing note in English.

UK Share Fishermen Briefing Note: A Practical Guide & Review of Status April 2019

This Briefing Note aims to provide readers with a plain English explanation of the status of share fishermen. The Briefing Note intends to help those in the UK fisheries supply chain better understand the basis upon which share fishermen are engaged, the activities they undertake, and the rights and responsibilities they have.

Legal and Policy Matters Arising from the Increased Criminalisation of Civil Society SAR Activities in the Mediterranean

There is a current and worrying trend in some EU Member States to criminalise EU citizens acting as humanitarians who provide lawful assistance to those in distress at sea. 

Business and Human Rights Key Facts for Maritime Executives

Download the key facts for human rights and business considerations by corporate maritime businesses and their executives based on the 2011 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

EyeWitness Briefing Note – PORTUGUESE
EyeWitness Briefing note – HINDI
EyeWitness Briefing note – TAGALOG
EyeWitness Briefing Note – RUSSIAN
EyeWitness Briefing Notes – ARABIC
EyeWitness Briefing Notes – English


What does this mean?

In short, anyone who has downloaded the App on a smartphone can now record abuses that would otherwise have gone unrecorded and unreported at sea.

Human Rights at Sea believes this technology could be a game changer in the pursuance of justice for victims at sea.

The footage is Geo-located to pin-point the event in time and space.

The evidential chain from taking of the footage, through submission and receipt by the expert reviewing team in London has been assured through the App’s build and field testing.

It would have helped in the investigation of the murder of seafarers in the Indian Ocean in 2013 as first reported in 2014 by Human Rights at Sea and Voice of America and later reported by The New York Times in the 2015 The Outlaw Ocean Series.



Download the App for Android devices

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The initial release of the app was designed for Android devices, because Android has the largest share of the market for global sales.

eyeWitness is currently exploring options for making the app available on other platforms.



How to install the eyeWitness App


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