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Human Rights at Sea is looking for young and passionate individuals that wish to work in the maritime human rights sector and acquire unique experience working for a well established not for profit organization. We offer remote access pro bono internships, lasting between 3-6 months depending on the specific project or programme. At Human Rights at Sea interns are an integral part of the charity’s programmes and structure.

The Human Rights at Sea team provides structured and monitored internships, individual mentoring, the opportunity to add unique work experience to personal CV's and where applicable as a result of proven ability, provide supporting post-internship references. Human Rights at Sea will pay, where applicable, travel and agreed incidental expenses. Human Rights at Sea prides itself on the provision of equal opportunities to all interns.

Working environment & Expectation Management

The Human Rights at Sea charity works within a fast moving environment that requires exceptional personal qualities in order to:

  • Work both as part of a team and where necessary, autonomously
  • Meet and exceed deadlines for verbal and written work
  • Grow contacts, identify and maximise collaborative opportunities for the charity
  • Passionately advocate the Human Rights at Sea position, aim, charitable objectives and vision
  • Represent Human Rights at Sea at national and international events, where applicable
  • Constantly seek opportunities to expose, profile and develop the Human Rights at Sea platform globally

How to apply:

Applications can be made on a rolling basis and should be directed to :
Applications must include:

  • A covering letter introducing the candidate and reasons for applying at Human Rights at Sea.
  • A Résumé
  • Two references

Application process

Applications for each position advertised are initially reviewed within 14 working days of receipt and are assessed against the charity’s needs at the time. Applicants are graded according to the essential and desirable qualities, the quality of the submitted covering letter, CV, and references. All decisions are taken at the sole discretion of the HRAS team. Applicants will be informed by email whether or not they have been successful in their application. Unsuccessful candidates can request for feedback.

Successful candidates from the initial review may be called to interview in London or via Skype. The successful candidate(s) will be offered a position in writing and upon acceptance, will commence the internship as defined by the HRAS Founder, or in his absence, a deputised individual.

Available internships

None available at this time


Current Interns

Anastasia Papapetrou (Greece)

INTERN Anastasia Papapetrou is an LLM student of International Law at the University of Westminster. She has also studied English Language and Literature in the National University of Athens and currently she is a part time student at the Law School (LLB) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has worked as a translator of...

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Past Interns

Niamh Elstone (UK)

Niamh Elstone. I am a student at the University of Exeter studying English Literature. At University I work with the Women in Business society as a FREP. This position is anextension of the committee where I assist in the organisation of promotional events and the advertisement of our society across campus in an effort...

Giorgia Linardi (Greece)

Giorgia Linardi is an Italian jurist passionate about human rights in the context of conflict and migration. She recently graduated in International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. She specialised in International Migration and Refugee law as well as IHL. She wrote her Master thesis on the...

Michael McLeod (UK)

“I first started working as an intern for the Human Rights at Sea initiative in 2014 while I was still an undergraduate. At the time I was intending to specialise further into Public International Law, and really appreciated the opportunity to explore the subject outside of the confines of my course. During this time,...

Holly Kendall (UK)

Holly Kendall is an Australian lawyer particularly interested in the enforcement of human rights in contested space, specifically international waters. She recently graduated from a Master of Laws with Distinction at University College London. During her studies she extend her knowledge of human rights and discovered her passion for the Law of the Sea....

Joanna Oomen (UK)

Internship at Human Rights at Sea is a deeply expansive experience. I am given total freedom to conduct my research within agreed deadlines. A work / life balance is encouraged and respected and full recognition is given where due. Given the ubiquitous nature of Human Rights it has been eye opening to discover the...

Daniel Shepherd (Wales, UK)

During my time with Human Rights at Sea I have been involved in the provision of advice and assistance to a German based NGO undertaking human rights field operations in the Mediterranean. The escalation in irregular seaborne migration from North Africa to Europe has raised a number of challenging legal, political and security related...

Elisabeth Mavropoulou (Greece)

Interning with Human Rights at Sea has been a unique working experience for me as a young professional with a legal background. I have been fully trusted by the people behind the Charity and that have let me grow professionally in terms of building my network and sharing my ideas to the Charity. I...

Andrea Tang (UK)

My internship with Human Rights at Sea has been an invaluable experience for me. Working with this international initiative, I have been able to expand my knowledge in maritime and human rights issues, whilst honing my legal skills. In comparison to other pro bono projects I had been involved with, I have felt that...

Ioannis Papasliotis (Greece)

Ioannis Evangelos Papasliotis is qualified as an Attorney-at-Law (Athens Bar) and as a Solicitor (England and Wales). He was born in Athens, Greece but is based in London, UK. Ioannis has studied law in the UK, France and Greece and computer science in the UK. He has earned five university degrees amongst which a...

India Hodder (UK)

India Hodder was born in and lives in Dorset, UK. Having grown up in a family run business in retail, she has recently been developing the company through building the brand and creating an online presence. She has recently completed an Art and Design Foundation course at Arts University Bournemouth, specialising in Photography. Since...

Melanie Glodkiewicz (Poland)

Melanie Glodkiewicz. Born in a multi-cultural environment, it has opened my mind to an interesting path in the following years mixing ambition and hunger for new discoveries. I am a Belgian born student, with polish parents and have lived part of my 21 years of life in Ireland. After a short experience in a...