Elisabeth Mavropoulou (Greece)

Interning with Human Rights at Sea has been a unique working experience for me as a young professional with a legal background. I have been fully trusted by the people behind the Charity and that have let me grow professionally in terms of building my network and sharing my ideas to the Charity. I was assigned with in-depth research in various areas of human rights law ranging from pure maritime issues such as safety and security on board of ships, piracy, armed robbery and terrorism, to more contemporary and controversial issues regarding corporate social responsibility and human rights in the shipping sector. I was granted the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience on drafting soft law initiatives that has added real value to my written and research skills. At Human Rights at Sea one feels that they are a vital part of the organization and the people behind it offer interns what the market requires of young professionals: motivation, innovation and forward thinking. Most important of all, being an intern with Human Rights at Sea one gets to work on the development of a new global human rights platform; what more is there to ask for?

Elisabeth Mavropoulou, Attorney-at-Law LLM

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