Hajar Hejazi

IRAN. Hajar Hejazi was born in Dehaghan, Esfahan, Iran. She graduated in her Bachelor’s in Law from Shahrekord Azad University in 2007. Over the past three years, Hajar has assisted the charity to develop the profile of seafarer abuse cases in and around Iran.

In 2010, Hajar moved to India and after graduation from an English language course, she joined Symbiosis International University Law School in 2011 while completing her International Law post graduation degree (LLM). Her masters work concerned Law of the Sea, analyzing governments & non-governments activities and specificaly the impact of international legal systems & governments and non-governments’ activates relating to the oceans. In 2013 Hajar developed a new Marine Charter Code for ocean governance which called GMPO as part of her Master’s dissertation. The GMPO Code provides new paltform of law and enforcement for ocean governance. Hajar was interviewed by the leading Iranian Shargh newspaper as the first women maritime researcher and where her work on GMPO was publicly acknowledged. By an invitation, she joined Shahrekord Azad University as a lecturer in late 2014 where she teaches international and maritime law for up to 200 students in the last year.

After spending nine years studying, researching and teaching law, Hajar is one of the first Iranian female maritime researchers and the first women who has been specifically researching the field of ocean governance & human rights at sea since 2012. Besides researching and teaching law, Hajar is a yoga teacher, runs a fitness gym, paints and enjoys photography. In 2013, she was a contributing author for a book named “being Osho”. Hagar also enjoys mountain trekking, including in the Himamlayas.

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