India Hodder (UK)

India Hodder was born in and lives in Dorset, UK. Having grown up in a family run business in retail, she has recently been developing the company through building the brand and creating an online presence. She has recently completed an Art and Design Foundation course at Arts University Bournemouth, specialising in Photography. Since her time at university she has experienced working in a start up business, KitBrix (, as a Junior Marketing and Design Executive along with freelance photography projects for several brands in sports, cosmetics and business. To build her creative experiences she is currently undertaking evening short courses in Fashion Design, Digital Marketing and Branding, developing her skill set.

“Interning with Human Rights At Sea has been a unique working experience for me as an aspiring designer. I have been able to expand my knowledge in maritime and human rights issues, whilst working on creative tasks to develop the brand as a whole. I have been trusted by the people behind the charity to use my own ideas and creativity on tasks that will raise a wider and stronger awareness of the charity and the work that is carried out. I was assigned a range of tasks that would not only build on my skills and portfolio but also develop the visual identity of the charity. Interning for Human Rights At Sea has been a great opportunity and I would highly recommend an internship here.” Indy Hodder.

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