Michael McLeod (UK)

“I first started working as an intern for the Human Rights at Sea initiative in 2014 while I was still an undergraduate. At the time I was intending to specialise further into Public International Law, and really appreciated the opportunity to explore the subject outside of the confines of my course. During this time, I worked on a several projects including contrasting the protection offered by various Regional Human Rights Treaties, and building timelines of events leading up to the resurgence of conflict in Tripoli.

Since graduating I have been working as a freelance researcher for a number of different organisations, including the United Nations Legal Tools for Peace-Making Project, and several private sector companies based in London. The flexibility of this work has also allowed me to return to the charity, now working on a wider range of increasingly complex issues. This work started with the production of a Research Ethics Guideline for future researchers at the project, and has gone on to include case studies on a variety of legal developments such as: The Criminalisation of Humanitarian Volunteers at Sea; Slavery in the New Zealand Fishing Industry; the Risks to lone International Observers on merchant vessels, and the Impact of the Modern Slavery Act on UK businesses.

From September I will be starting a Masters degree in Middle Eastern Politics and Conflict, and look forward to using this training to write on an even wider range of topics in the future.”

Michael McLeod

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