Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) is pleased to be engaged with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) working on its continuous improvement of the ASC standards and processes for its certified supplier farms. 

In a recent public press statement, ASC highlighted its high positioning in the first HRAS fisheries and aquaculture certifications, standards and ratings review (v1.1) when measured against the subjective key performance indicators set by HRAS. 

CEO, David Hammond, commented: "It is an important indicator of sectoral change to have Human Rights at Sea’s independent scrutiny of voluntary standards welcomed. ASC have opened their doors to objective and responsible civil society review which can only be mutually advantageous when driving up standards and weeding out the bad players." 

The next steps will be for identified entities within the HRAS report to voluntarily complete the HRAS Questionnaire 1.0 aimed at a deep dive into direct accounting for, the discovery of, reporting and reviewing of those entities found to be failing in upholding established fundamental human and labour rights legal standards. 

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HRAS Questionnaire 1.0