The Human Rights at Sea Advisory Board met with the Senior Leadership Team on 28 July, and all are as keen as ever to further drive the NGO's work forward in 2022 and beyond

The meeting clearly demonstrated that this diverse group of subject-matter leaders with deep domain expertise across multiple maritime disciplines are a key driver in reaching more people so we can fulfil our mission to end human rights abuses at sea

The non-executive Board voluntarily lend their considerable knowledge to various projects to ensure our work is even stronger whilst offering expert and objective advice. 

As we live through a period of profound international disruption and change, we know that we have to continually listen, learn and adapt. Bringing this talented group together helps us identify and discuss the key issues, and we work together to shape and influence the future direction of Human Rights at Sea

Most recently, Captain Michael Lloyd, Advisory Board member and Maritime commentator and author, sat down with Human Rights at Sea to discuss his recently published article, The Decline of Safety at Sea. His latest work highlights the shortcomings of safety and regulations in the maritime domain and what the International Maritime Organization (IMO) can do to uphold its responsibility to protect the rights and safety of the global seafaring workforce. The thought-provoking Q&A which can be viewed HERE

We would also like to sincerely thank Ivana Carrion-Burnett, who has recently stepped back as Advisory Board Manager as she further steps up with her professional role as a ship pilot in and around the River Thames. Ivana has been pivotal in coordinating the work of our esteemed Board, and we are extremely grateful that she remains a vital member 

This incredible team of volunteers share our values, commitment, and passion. We at Human Rights at Sea are excited for the future, especially the next 12 months, accelerated by the contribution that the Board will bring to raise awareness, implementation, and accountability of human rights provisions throughout the maritime environment

Meet our Advisory Board HERE

Meet our Senior Leadership Team HERE

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