Human Rights at Sea is delighted to introduce its 8th Annual Report, which highlights our global impact and showcases that we do whatever it takes to prevent, detect and remedy human rights abuses in the maritime environment.

This year we influenced and changed state legislation and policy, and we supported victims and survivors of abuse to seek justice and restitution. 

We deployed a field team early in the conflict to Ukraine to ensure that seafarers were not forgotten in the fog of war, while in contrast, we continued to move forwards an innovative arbitration remedy mechanism being developed alongside legal experts. 

We advocated for a better response by governments and industry to the exceptional circumstances that seafarers faced and continue to face from the COVID pandemic. And we launched a new website to ensure our messaging and delivery was clear and could reach more people globally.

Our specialist independent human rights NGO continues to provide essential support to those who need it most, and today, we are needed more than ever. We are, therefore, continuing to deliver our core programmes and are developing new ones so we can continue our vital work now and into the future. 

We continue to influence governments and states internationally to ensure the needs of people who have fallen victim to abuse at sea remain at the forefront. And we will continue tackling mental health inequalities while championing diversity and inclusivity for all individuals at sea

Human Rights at Sea has had to work tirelessly to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic. We rely on donations for our income, and we are endlessly grateful for the dedication of our supporters, donors and corporate partners, who make our work possible. 

Last year, their hard work and generosity enabled us to reach our most successful fundraising year to date. This is a phenomenal achievement at a truly critical time, and we are committed to ensuring that every penny we receive works as hard as possible to help as many people as we can.

Despite our achievements last year, we know that much more must be done. We have therefore set ourselves challenging targets for 2022-23 and will continue to drive forward our work so that our vision to end human rights abuse at sea becomes a reality.

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Annual Report 2021-2022