Working closely with the international law firm HFW LLP, Human Rights at Sea has issued a new policy covering the lawful use and required acknowledgments for the NGO's published resources

This is to ensure that necessary thought leadership, IP and copyright protections are in-force and clear to all users, noting that the NGO provides open-access reflecting its core value of transparency.

At Human Rights at Sea, we are committed to providing all users and beneficiaries with the best experience in offering a range of independent open-source resources to help support ours and others' work in raising the awareness for the need for greater rights protections for persons at sea, and underpinning our vision to end human rights abuses at sea.  

As we continue to grow our international footprint, we have updated our Terms of Use to reflect the best interests of those who support, acknowledge, and use our resources. 

We encourage all entities who engage with our NGO online and in-person, to ensure that the updated policy is both read and understood before accessing and using our resources, and we thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions, please write to us at